Even Higher Resolution

I’ve been using my Nikon D-850 for over 5 years and it still is a top-notch workhorse camera. After contemplating potential “next steps” in my photography, I finally decided to

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A Message From the North Pole

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! 2021 has been a difficult year going through wave after wave of the pandemic, but I am grateful for all the positive things in life

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Making Breakfast

We’re well into a new year and I’m sending out a cheer with something lighthearted and positive. I’ve had many requests for another duo like Andrew and Lukas, or Lukas

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Happy Holidays!

A BIG THANK YOU to all my visitors and patrons for another amazing (while understandably difficult and challenging) year! I wish you all very relaxing and joyful holidays and all

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A year before creating this site, I got together with Simon S and spontaneously took some jaw-dropping nudes. Looking back, this photoshoot was in many ways the prototype for Bodytorium.

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A Beautiful Young Man

Finding new models during the COVID-19 times has been a bit of a challenge, but I think I found a real treasure! My favorite way of recruiting models is by

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The Spring is Near

Last week we had a beautiful sunny day in Bratislava (20C / 68F) and the beautiful blond cherub, Lukas N, is back with many more pleasing studio and outdoor shots.

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