First Book Published

My first photography book is now available for purchase worldwide on Amazon and from selected book stores.

The book features 150 color and black and white photographs of six of my earlier models: Dominik, Danko, Samuel S, Kristian, Andrew and Lukas N, as well as stories about the models and my photography style in English and in German. The book is hardcover and has 176 pages.

Where to buy:

The book is available at many other book stores and a 2022 calendar is available as well. I am now working on the second book (of what will likely be a three book series.)

Articles / Reviews:

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  1. Louis

    I’m getting this for myself for Christmas, and I just simply can’t can’t can’t wait any longer! So excited

  2. Night-Stalking

    Didn’t really know where else to put this, so I’ll just mention it here, but wow, part 4 with Darius was incredibly hot (hope that’s not too crude to say)! Loved his new haircut as well, the fuller head of hair really suits him. I hope he will continue to feature in future content 🙂

    (Also I find it kind of amusing how often Adam pops up in some of the other guys’ sessions. I don’t mind though, he seems like a bright and fun young man)

  3. Hexponi

    Got my copy of the book. Didn’t realise the red dot was a sticker haha. Great book. Should be very proud. Hope Lukas doesn’t mind being the cover boy. He’s so handsome.

  4. pammy

    very 80’s project

  5. Ad

    Congratulations! Will order a copy. Love your photography. Do the models know about the book?

    1. Phil

      Thank you. I wish I could celebrate along with all the models but unfortunately it’s a bit complicated. I mentioned it to Samuel S and he seemed happy. I’ve lost touch with Dominik.

  6. tom.iwers

    Congrats on your first book! Keep up the good work! Your models all appear so fresh-faced. And I really like your personal approach to photographing young men. Especially the “body & face studies” – I would call it – in close-up photography. They really capture the charisma of these young faces and the physical beauty of the male body. I wish you continued joy with your art and lots of new, inspiring models! Greetings from Germany, Tom

    1. Phil

      Thank you for your kind words. I will keep doing my best. Regards from Bratislava.

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