A Message From the North Pole

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! 2021 has been a difficult year going through wave after wave of the pandemic, but I am grateful for all the positive things in life in spite of all the challenges and the restrictions. I would especially like to thank my patrons, some of whom have been subscribers for nearly three years! I contacted some of you by email (offering you a copy of my Nothing To Hide book or calendar), although only about a quarter of you seem to have received or noticed my email and replied.

I can’t believe Bodytorium is almost 3 years old, and two of those years have been during the pandemic. So I am really hoping that there will be much better times ahead as the main difficulty has been with finding models during a period when everyone is encouraged to isolate. I much prefer to be social and to meet people directly rather than resorting to doing most of it online.

Jake & Adam

Santa’s helper

Adam’s been helping behind the scenes, and reappearing in photographs, since the beginning of this year. He’s assisting with image processing, occasionally with video editing and he’s especially been helping me with recruiting, which is the most time-consuming (and also the most important) part of our work.

Adam working hard.
Adam has many hilarious sitting postures. This was not staged.
He’s done remarkably well (handling male nudes) for a straight boy.

In the pipeline…

There will of course be more pictures of Jake and there will also be some beautiful new shots of Adam coming soon.

Handsome stud Mark will make his first appearance on Friday January 7.

And there will be more to come…

Picture of Phil


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  1. dan

    Hey Phil, I absolutely loved your series with Matus! It was refreshing and you really showcased his charm. Any chance you can bring him back for more?! There’s just something about him!!!

  2. ilovemensfeet

    Happy New Year Phil and thanks to all the models for making me so happy. I love this site so uch and cannot wait for more models. I like prefer the photos to videos but I am happy for both. Hope you can make my other dream come true too. (Remember the email i sent you) x

    1. Phil

      Red cheeks πŸ™‚ Thank you and Happy New Year to you too!

  3. macineh10

    Great work Phil. Love the natural, unforced photosets and the boy-next-door vibe. I emailed you a while back but maybe it went into your spam. I have great friends who live near Poprad so maybe next time I’m over (from Scotland) we might have a coffee.

    1. Phil

      Answered your email, finally. And yes, let’s meet next time you’re over in Slovakia. Take care and Happy New Year!

  4. ginette

    Hello, ahoj bodytorioum a thousand wishes for the year 2022, life in these covid times is not easy for anyone, although I am not very optimistic for the future, spring and summer will come soon, your work helps me to make life sweeter, seeing beautiful models posing in their nudity makes my life more pleasant, continue like this for this year, hello and you have fans from all over the world. Darius is wonderful.

    1. Phil

      Thank you πŸ™‚ And Happy New Year! It’s so nice to hear this site brings people joy. πŸ™‚

  5. jotampedro

    Dear Phill! Congratulations on the excellent work and on the models. The last DanoΒ΄s video is fantastic and I hope in the future we can see more like this.
    Adam should make as well more videos he is one of the cutest men on Bodytorium.
    We should also have more videos of Andrew with pubs πŸ™‚ as you mentioned, he is so masculine and with his hairy legs and backside.
    The photos and videos (that i like most) are amazing. Wish you the best success in the future.
    Happy New Year to everyone and hope 2022 bring us more freedom!

    1. Phil

      Thank you and Happy New Year to you too! Fingers crossed for more freedom in 2022! Happy to hear you liked Dano’s recent video. There will be more like it of course. πŸ™‚

  6. Night-Stalking

    My well-wishes to you for the new year, Phil! I’ve been enjoying the latest models, but especially Matus’ and Jake’s thanks to the different locales in which their photoshoots were set. Variety is always good! It’s also exciting that we’ll be seeing more of Adam in front of the camera, he comes across as very charming with his easy smile. Will there be more photosets of Alan, Max or Dano (the video was pretty cool, but I personally prefer your photography over your videography) in the future?

    I hope we might also get more blog posts in 2022, though I understand if that’s not always possible with all the other things you’re also doing. In any case, happy New Year πŸ™‚

    1. ginette

      Hi Night i love videos much are more preatty and funny specil making off.

      1. Night-Stalking

        Hi Ginette. To each their own, I suppose πŸ™‚ I love Phil’s photographs, but I find the behind the scenes videos to be like… okay, at best (even if some of the commentary can be pretty funny or interesting).

    2. Phil

      Thank you for your message and Happy New Year! There will be a small Alan/Max duo set this Tuesday. I think it’s the last batch of photos I have left from the summer/fall. There are two things that make me feel happy and creative: good looking models and interesting locations. So I’m always on the hunt for both. Lately I’ve tried experimenting a bit more with AirBnbs and I have all kinds of crazy plans for the future. πŸ˜€

      The videos are still an “add-on” / “bonus”. Photography is still the “main course”. But I really enjoy posting the videos from time-to-time.

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