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I’ve been using my Nikon D-850 for over 5 years and it still is a top-notch workhorse camera. After contemplating potential “next steps” in my photography, I finally decided to enter the medium format world. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “medium format”, it basically means that it’s an exceptionally high end camera with a very large image sensor (larger than a 35mm / full-frame sensor) resulting in unbeatable resolution and quality. I recently purchased a Fujifilm GFX100s, which has more than double the resolution of my Nikon D-850.

Fujufilm GFX 100s camera body

My plan is to continue to use the Nikon camera for the majority of my photoshoots, and use the Fujifilm camera for 30 to 50 additional “special portraits” which I will post in some upcoming galleries in 80 megapixels. Steven is the first model who I photographed also with the new camera. I hope you’ll enjoy the additional detail and quality.

Other than that,

Things are going well. I’ve just been extremely busy, barely keeping up with recruiting (which takes the most time), photoshoots and other related initiatives, for example the second book, “Nothing to Hide – Young Men from Slovakia 2”, which was published (at least in Europe) in November 2022 and will be available worldwide by Spring 2023. The 2023 calendars, two versions: “Nothing to Hide” and “Young Men in Nature” are already available worldwide.

Adam (my assistant) left earlier this year which certainly made things harder, but on a positive note I finally found a replacement and so far so good.



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  1. funloin

    It’s a shame to read that Adam has left, it seemed like the two of you clicked well. Hopefully it was a parting on friendly terms. Sometimes people eventually need to switch focus to other things.

    1. Phil

      Adam and I are still good friends and we still see each other. Sitting behind a computer and looking at naked guys wasn’t his dream job, I guess. 😀 But it was fun when it lasted.

  2. dvermeyen

    Hi Phil,
    I love your camera work and models. The only thing I find annoying with some of the models are their shaven pubes. Why is it that lots of young (and older) men want to look like prepubescent kids? It’s a real turnoff and I’m hardly the only one who think so. What’s your opinion about that (if you have one that is) and is it ever a topic of conversation between you and the models? 🙂

    1. Phil

      Hi Daniel,
      I think it may have something to do with every generation wanting to be different or to stand out from the previous generation. Younger guys don’t want to look like “old guys”, so they snub speedos and pubic hair (and other things that were “in back then”.) I do have conversations about this with models and some of them “listen” and some don’t.

  3. macineh10

    Well done on your new purchase. I look forward to further beautiful – and clearer! – images. I still hope to get over (from Scotland) to Slovakia to visit my friends near Poprad and will drop you a line and say hello in Bratislava. May your recruiting continue to go well!

    1. Phil

      Thanks! Would be great to meet up in Slovakia!

  4. jopedropina

    Hi Phil,

    Great news. I’ve been a huge fan of your work since the beginning and i hope that you’ll keep going for many many years.
    The new ways of presenting your work only demonstrate its quality and the will to evolve. Many congratulations on what you have achieved so far.
    Still I keep waiting for the day when the photographer himself becomes a model 🙂

    Keep up the great work,


    1. Phil

      I will do my best! Thank you João 🙂

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