Happy Holidays!

A BIG THANK YOU to all my visitors and patrons for another amazing (while understandably difficult and challenging) year! I wish you all very relaxing and joyful holidays and all the very best in the New Year!

Denis’ smile is contagious. (The good kind of contagious.?)

And a few more shots of hunky Tommy.

And for Premium members, I’ve added Part II of Tommy’s videos.

Sneak Peek – Bodytorium’s Newest Model – Adam

Something to look forward to! Adam will make his first appearance on January 1st.

The New Year will be off to a good start with this very handsome and photogenic young man!

I hope you enjoyed this little “virtual stocking” and I look forward to better things to come in 2021. Take care, stay healthy and Happy Holidays!

— Phil

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  1. ginette

    hi bodytorioum i dont understand video numer 23 is Martin video number 21 is Sebo, who is the model of the video number 22 ? Thanks

    1. Phil

      22 is Tommy’s second video. I just mislabeled the file.

  2. ginette

    Buon natale e buon anno 2021 un ancora con i bodytorioum

    1. Phil

      Thank you. ? Happy New Year to you too!

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