A year before creating this site, I got together with Simon S and spontaneously took some jaw-dropping nudes. Looking back, this photoshoot was in many ways the prototype for Bodytorium.

One of my favorite images. Taken in the parking garage just before heading out.

This week’s bonus post is a “special feature” – Images I dug up from my archives. They are a bit smaller than the rest – they were shot with my older Nikon D800 in 36 meagapixels, but I think the content makes up for the slightly lower resolution. I bought my current Nikon D850, which shoots at 45 megapixels, specifically to get as much resolution as possible for Bodytorium.

A “warmup” shot before Simon starts showing more and more of his body.
Simon posing inside a former (now derelict) border checkpoint building between Slovakia and Hungary. During the “iron curtain” times, this was a very intimidating place to pass through. I’m still blown away by the idea that today I can cross Europe’s borders freely. I hope this never changes.

We didn’t plan to shoot nudes, although I brought along several pairs of underwear for Simon to try on. I thought changing in and out of underwear with intermittent flashes of nudity would build Simon’s comfort level. And it worked. Occasionally I caught a glance of Simon’s privates and I realized I just saw a marvelous treasure I simply had to capture and immortalize.

I casually took this photo of Simon while he was changing. I did it from a bit of a distance and I even told Simon I was going to take the photo, just so he wouldn’t think I was trying to do something sneaky without his consent. When Simon put on his clothes he walked over and asked if he could see what he looked like naked. Judging from his reaction, I realized Simon was curious and probably would be open to showing everything.
The Passage Point

A nearby cornfield was the passage point where Simon walked in partially nude and eventually walked out fully nude. I was in heaven. From then on we had complete comfort and trust. We felt liberated and it seemed like there were no limits.

No More Horizons

A bit later we drove back to Slovakia and took some shots by the Danube river. We were running out of daylight and it was getting late. As we headed back to Bratislava I mentioned that it was too bat that it was already getting dark and that I’d really like to continue the photoshoot a bit longer and take some indoor shots. To my delight, Simon replied “Sure, I’d be up for that.”

More recently, I’ve been asking Simon if he’d be up for another photoshoot and a video and he said he is, although he’s been busy with school, work and his social life all throughout the summer. But it will happen. Meanwhile he agreed to releasing this archived set which Premium members can view in Part 5 of Simon’s collections.




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  1. jopedropina

    Simon is one of my favourite models of Bodytorium.
    This is a great photoshoot Phil.
    Thank you for that and for the background story.

    Keep doing the great job 😉

    1. Phil

      Hi João, great to hear from you! Simon is one of my favorites too. I’ll keep nagging him to come back 😉

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