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Take a wild guess what people ask to see more of on Bodytorium. Several times a week, sometimes daily, people ask if this or that model will appear with an erection. “More erections please!” is the most common request. Then, there are also others who worry that Bodytorium will become too much like all the other hardcore stuff on the internet. “Isn’t there enough of that already?”

Let me demystify this topic a bit. Yes, erections are great, and I love to see them too, but Bodytorium is meant to show something different than the mainstream concept of a thrill. So the intention has been, and will be going forward, to “keep it innocent”.

Here is an excerpt from one of my recent emails which I think summarizes the whole situation:

“As for the erections, I like them too, although I need to be careful not to ‘over-sexualize’ a model during the photoshoot, otherwise it could damage my friendship with the model or damage my reputation with the other models. The models aren’t strippers, porn stars or exhibitionists, which I think makes them special. Often the models are posing nude for the first time, pushing their own limits, so I don’t want to push them too hard. So I consider erections to be exceptions with some of the models rather than erections being a standard. But don’t worry, there will be more guys showing erections.”

Everyone likes something different, so I can’t please everyone. Some people like more muscle, some less. Some want them young, some want them older. The list goes on, and I’ve been asked for the whole spectrum. In the end, while taking all feedback into consideration, I try to stay grounded, remember why I started this site and stay focused on my vision.

And now, let’s see some new shots of the Erection King himself, Lukas.

Lukas N and his irresistible laughs.
Lukas loves to flex his muscles. He was supposed to compete in bodybuilding this spring, but then, you know what happened.
Love that mouth. Lately I’ve been trying to include more close-ups.
He just gets a boner whenever he takes off his clothes. I wonder if this will cause a stir when he’s at a bodybuilding competition. It would be a nice change from the bodybuilder “micro-packages”.
Such a cute bum.
So handsome.

New Payment Processor Implemented

As of May 2, 2020, CCBill is the site’s new direct card payment option (in addition to PayPal which requires an active PayPal account to subscribe). A lot of manual coding was needed to implement CCBill and it kept me very busy throughout April. The positive thing is that I got a lot of practice with PHP coding which will be very handy in the future.

The Big Goof-Up

While doing a batch account cleanup on my staging site, I accidentally deleted over 50 active accounts from the live site. Luckily I started getting notifications from PayPal almost instantly and I was able to manually reinstate all the impacted accounts. Everyone impacted was contacted by email.

The reinstated accounts were created outside of PayPal, so unfortunately those who wish to continue a self-renewing subscription will need to eventually sign up again through PayPal or CCBill.

All affected customers will get an additional free month, after which I will send you an email and then you can choose to sign up again if you like.

In case you have any issues accessing Premium content, please contact me.

Content Updates

My buddy, Lukas K, will be back soon!
I’ll be as creative as I can to capture this young man in the sexiest way possible. What would you like to see? Send me a note or leave a comment.
Here is a segue shot: from Lukas to Kubo.
New outdoor shots of Kubo coming soon.
We had the usual problem of passer-by’s.
He’s so cute when he’s shy.
Yum, yum, yum!
New studio shots of Lukas N will be posted this Friday May 8, 2020.
Picture of Phil


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  1. dazm73

    More erections please – but natural ones not sexualised. A model just having an erection is not necessarily sexual. I like the unexpected ones but also ones where they are watching TV or looking at a book or even in the bath to bring one on. My only other ask would be to ensure we get photos with the models face in and not just a close up of the erection.
    Amazing photography by the way – super handsome guys. Love the site

    ps – is there an archive because some models appear to be missing or been removed?

  2. pammy

    Less erection, i prefere natural posing, bodytorioum dont made like porno web site in internet, i prefere shoot in studio in your house are sexy, outdoor have too much risck situation and have too much lights, more video of the making off are so sexy.

  3. merlinshut

    To me the best photos are the ones in which the model appears relaxed and genuinely happy in that moment. I love that Bodytorium is not all about dicks 😀

  4. Henri K

    ? Thank you Phil. Despite the current worldwide situation you have managed to keep Bodytorium alive and well.
    Thank God summer is almost here. It’s so refreshing to see the models outdoors frolicking in nature.

    It was quite a surprise to see Maros reappearing. And Lukas K is someone I’ve wanted to see again. With and without clothes, it doesn’t matter where or how, he looks good anyway.
    You photographed Danko in some ruins. It would be nice to see someone posing in a location like that.
    Thank U & take care.

    1. Phil

      Hi Henri 🙂 I’m really glad the winter is over, even with the current situation. I can still photograph once a week or once in a couple of weeks. It’s relatively safe since it doesn’t involve groups of people. It’s a bit harder for me to find new models now. I like to meet them directly in social situations. I’m really not into meeting people online. But in any case I doubled down with online searching and the show will go on.

      Ever since the castle ruins had a bit of restoration work done, they have become a popular attraction. The last two times I tried to photograph there I had to “abort” and go elsewhere. I am sure I will find something similar that’s a bit more isolated.

      Take care and stay safe!

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