Happy Holidays!

Patrik, Roderik and Martin add a bit of fun and excitement to the holidays.

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Patrik, my favorite guy, returns for a new photoshoot and visits me in Bratislava for the weekend.
I missed that beautiful man.
This was Patrik’s idea — he brought the hat and asked for some bottles of booze to look like a “genuine Ukrainian guy” 😀 Patrik was born in Slovakia, but his parents are from Ukraine.
Cutie pie ❤️
He’s really good at making goofy faces 😀
And here we have Roderik (left) and his friend Martin (right).
Both are straight and obviously very comfortable. They recently started performing together on Chaturbate. I’ve know both guys for a few years and have photographed them nude before, although those were just for practice.
A “bum kiss”.
Martin is a professional boxer.
There will be several photo series dedicated to Martin next year.
We rented a spa for a couple of hours.
It was my first time photographing inside a sauna. It was a bit tricky figuring out where to place the flash and I had to take a few pictures at a time.
I love wet underwear.
Another “bum kiss”. There is also a bit of spanking in the Premium section.
Lying casually with a bit of their nuts showing.?

Premium Members: see the full gallery and a video



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  1. Cherrio

    I would definitely like to see Martin and would join the site if he appeared

  2. europapaprika

    More of Andrew, Andrew mano of 2019

  3. Henri K

    Now that Samuel S and Patrik have reappeared, it would be great to see Simon again, and other of your best models like Danko, Adam K, Kristian and of course Lukas N..
    You’ve brought out so many hot guys, but honestly, I’m not eager to see Roderik or Martin’s posts and I hope there aren’t more of these chaturbaters.
    Peter however… I wish you would post stuff like Peter’s latest in the morning, so I would have more time to process it and didn’t lose my sleep like last night. ?
    Since you first introduced him, Peter has been one of my biggest favorites here; a handsome guy with a good taste in music. You gave what I secretly hoped to see from Peter, so I am absolutely, positively stunned. ?
    Now I must rest so I’ll be ready for Andrew’s new photos on friday.
    Thank You, Phil!

  4. Gabriel

    don’t you know by any chance if Patrik is on Chaturbate too? 😛

    1. Phil

      He isn’t.

  5. Henri K

    Wow, what a great Set! It’s so good to see Patrik again! I hope to see more of him in the future. If only u could bring Simon S back once more, I would be pleased.
    Wonderful photos. Thank you for this!

    1. Phil

      Henri – you read my mind. I was thinking of Simon S too. I ran into him at the train station a few weeks ago. He was smiling and he gave me a big hug. It made my day. I was thinking I would bring him back in the spring though. But I might come up with something sooner.

  6. jopedropina

    Loved to see the return of Patrick (he is stunning!!!)
    Looking at this special series i just want to say: Thank God its Christmas!!! 🙂

    Happy holidays!!

    1. Juanjo

      I can’t wait for Patrick either!! Maybe I can subscribe again 😛 😛 Thanks, and happy holidays

      1. Phil

        Thank you both. Patrik’s new pictures should be up on January 10. Happy holidays! 🙂

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