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So much depends on people’s mood, especially when it comes to trying something new and potentially risky. Nearly half of the models I’ve been recruiting changed their minds and canceled the photoshoot, usually a just few days ahead of the shooting date.

In May 2019 this happened to me three times in a row, and it also happened twice in November. This is something that still drives me nuts, even  though it’s just “part of doing the job” and I should just account for it, lower my expectations and not take it personally. Naturally, I get excited when a good looking model agrees to the photoshoot and then feel disappointed when he cancels. I also have a schedule to stick to and when I have dropouts, especially several in a row, I get very nervous.

Former model Andrew, appearing in a second photo shoot.

My promise to my subscribers is to provide new content at least once a week. I have always delivered and I plan to keep it that way. Ideally I would have at least a month of “reserve content”, but so far this year I’ve been just barely able to keep up. Perhaps to my audience it seems like I have an abundance of great models and that everything is seamless, but it has actually been very difficult.

Earlier this year I realized that finding exceptionally good-looking models is my number one priority for Bodytorium. Without having something new and amazing on a regular basis, I have nothing to show and my site has no value. Marketing is very important too, but I don’t believe in marketing something I don’t feel proud of. So far I’ve been doing marketing in a very careful, gradual, unforceful and minimalistic manner, but this is a topic for another time.

So why do some guys change their mind, often at the last minute? There are several factors: I don’t recruit professional models or exhibitionists. Young men, especially those who are still in high school and live with their parents are more likely to be discouraged by the thought of their friends or parents finding their nude photos. I don’t deal with Instagrammers who post their nudes 24/7 and are dying for attention. 

A casual shot of Andrew taken in my apartment.

Another potential factor is that people seem to have difficulty committing to anything at an increasing rate. From my observations, It’s becoming trendy for young people to act like nothing means anything and nothing matters. People are disposable, everything changes all the time and planning is impossible. But after reflecting on a recent very disappointing cancelation or change of heart, I realized that the guys I seek to photograph sometimes agree to do something that’s very unusual yet adventurous to them when they are in a good mood. But later they change their minds when they are in a lower mood and their worries and uncertainty set in.

When I asked the last model why he changed his mind he just wrote “I don’t know. I’m just not in the mood.” So it’s simple as that. People’s moods change, sometimes very quickly, and they lose their interest in doing something different or adventurous. I read somewhere a while ago that people are much more likely to try new things when they are in a good mood.

Andrew is Back

There have been lots of ups and downs related to models this year. For example Andrew didn’t show up for his photoshoot last weekend for various complicated reasons. I was told of the cancelation two hours after his expected arrival. But let’s finally turn the page to some good news. Andrew did manage to make up for last week’s no show and his second photoshoot was as impressive as the first one. Andrew will return to Bodytorium on December 27.

Andrew makes a “Full English” breakfast in his undies.

Michal K’s Second Photoshoot

Michal K joined part of the photoshoot with Andrew even though both guys seemed uneasy at first when I proposed to schedule them together. I had to reassure them that they would not be photographed “doing stuff together” and that they would just take turns being photographed at the same location. All went well shortly after we met and Andrew and Michal got along well and even helped each other out during the shoot. Michal’s second main feature (excluding smaller bonus posts) will be posted on January 3.

Michal K in the second photo shoot with Andrew.
Three shots above from a smaller set that will be posted next week (November 18).

Changed his mind again

I’ll conclude this blog post with another positive note—fingers crossed—that the beautiful model who canceled because he wasn’t in the mood any more, changed his mind once again and we have a photoshoot scheduled next week. I will leave it at that and hopefully next week I’ll have more good news. 😉

Picture of Phil


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  1. Adhamh

    I can imagine how difficult it must be finding guys willing to model and how frustrating it would be if they cancel especially if it’s just because of a mood change. Andrew is very beautiful, will there be more of Lukas N planned?

  2. europapaprika

    Very beautiful models

    1. Phil

      🙂 Thank you.

  3. gregoryingrandrapids

    Having done some limited male photography myself (nothing anywhere near as good as yours) I’ve had similar experiences. Finding guys to pose, and having them actually show up, is a challenge.

    Your work is amazing, I’m onboard, so just keep doing what you’re doing, branch out, and see where things go.

    1. Phil

      Thank you for your very positive message. 🙂 Branching out is what I’ve got to do the most.

  4. Henri K

    Ur frustration is understandable, and I’m sure it’s not so easy recruiting all these young, good looking guys.
    You obviously have set the bar high on Bodytorium, and there is no reason to change that. Don’t worry about us fans, we’ll be here even If you couldn’t deliver. You are a man with a vision and your work is incredible so we always know to expect something good.
    I’m glad that we’ll see Andrew and Michael K soon.
    Will there be something special on time for Christmas too? I will keep my stocking ready, just in case, but I’ll be happy to get it filled with Andrew 2.0, based on the photos on this blog post it’s going to be a wonderful photo set, as usual.
    Keep up the great work and have a Merry X-mas!

    1. Phil

      Thank you Henri. I’ll definitely do my best to pull something off to show my appreciation to my fans. I initially planned wall art and calendars (something like Warwick Rowers does) but after researching all the print and fulfillment options I realized it would be too costly and complicated for this year. But there will definitely be new stuff next year.

      But Santa will come up with a surprise for this year’s Christmas though! ?

      1. Henri K

        A calendar would be nice. Although maybe it didn’t have to be a print calendar.. you could start with a download version with monthly subscription, or something like that.
        And like Warwick Rowers (or Worldwide Roar as they’re called today) or SHU Rugby you could fund your projects with kickstarter. That’s how Paul Freeman funds his male nude photo books too.

  5. jopedropina

    I know you must be going through a tougher phase in the project, and because expectations are so high, you don’t want to disappoint the followers. But your site is different from the usual for that, because it deals with people, not exhibitionists.
    That’s why your followers like the site, and I fully understand the frustration of not being able to have the male models you expect.
    But you have to continue with that desire to do more and better, because this project is unique and wonderful.

    I am a huge admirer of your work 🙂

    1. Phil

      Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful message. I don’t know what to say. THANK YOU. ?

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