Simon — Never Fails to Impress

Simon is a friendly and adorable young man. I first met him years ago at a parkour training in Bratislava. He was just a cute 15-year-old kid back then. About a year ago we did our first private photo shoot together, including some nudes, and I couldn’t get over his hypnotically amazing penis. I showed some of my female colleagues a few shots and they too gazed with amazement.

I was really thrilled when Simon agreed to do a photoshoot for this site. He really didn’t hesitate the slightest bit. He’s definitely one of the most friendly, easygoing and openminded people I know.

Simon is fun, playful, creative, photogenic and a real joy to photograph. It’s almost impossible to get a bad shot of him.

During the next few weeks, when it hopefully gets a bit warmer, we’ll do an outdoor shoot. There will be more shots of him running, jumping above the camera, stretching and doing all kinds of other other spontaneous poses showing his sexy body.

Picture of Phil


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  1. jopedropina

    There’s something about Simon that hypnotizes, I dont know if it’s the look or the smile, but i love it.

  2. Anonymous

    Simon is a gorgeous guy, and his nicely curved penis really is quite hypnotic. =D

  3. europapaprika

    Simon in the bed serie for the 1 may is super hot

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