Getting Naked in Slovakia

Milan, 21, featured in the April 5, 2019 post, is one of my more camera shy and reserved friends. Getting Milan to pose naked is in my mind a small miracle.

Contrary to what some people may think, getting Slovak men to pose fully naked is very challenging. Slovak men, especially the young straight ones, are usually too proud and macho to get naked for art and certainly not willing to ‘do anything for cash’. I think Czech porn has created a misleading illusion in this regard.

While I pay all models generously, they aren’t paid because it’s the only way to get them to pose naked. I pay them because I believe it’s fair and that they deserve to be compensated for their time and for doing something unique and exceptional. I do occasionally shoot nudes just for fun (with no payment), but I don’t use those pictures for this site.

Getting to this stage – of having a male erotic photography site — took many years of social research, trial and error, patience, and in my case (because I am shy) also courage.

When I show some of my male erotic photographs to my female friends, I often get a “I can’t believe they let you do that” reaction.

I would love to post at least some full nudes on the public areas of this site. They are really mesmerizing and I would love to show them off. But the main reason why I don’t post full nudes on the site’s public areas is to offer the models at least some degree of privacy.

Most of the models would not have agreed to be photographed if their full nudes were shown openly on this site. Full nudes are only accessible to paying subscribers, which compromises the site’s traffic potential but also greatly reduces the models’ exposure. It’s a compromise which I think is well worth it.

After finishing the photo shoot with Milan, we relaxed on my balcony for a while and Milan told me that had we not been friends and known each other for a long time, he would definitely not have done the photo shoot.

Bodytorium was created thanks to my trusting, openminded and beautiful friends. I also owe my patrons a big THANK YOU for providing me with the means to continuously create awesome new material.

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