Tomas D — Masculine Appeal

Yet another Tomas. The third so far for Bodytorium. I actually pushed back the release date for his first post so that there wouldn’t be two Tomases  posted back-to-pack (Tomas B followed by Tomas D).

Above: a selfie with Tomas D during our photoshoot

Tomas D (the Tomas pictured here) is one of the few men I met through an online ad. He sent me a few pics, he looked good, we met up for coffee, he looked even better in person and we set a shooting date. He was very straightforward and easy to get along with. No acting to be anything. No bullshit.


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Picture of Phil


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  1. Henri

    So many Tomases.. I’m not a fan of tattoos, but his tattoos are so artistic that they just perfect him. He is a real work of art himself.
    Under the blue sky with sun embracing his body or posing indoor, Tomas looks good in every photo.
    Looking at his photos I seem to get lost in his brown puppy eyes.

  2. jopedropina

    Tomas has a mysterious air but, at the same time, a unique sensuality. I love the closed look and defined lips. Seems to be very confident and friendly. Excellent photo shoot Phil

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