Jakub P

Jakub, 19, lives in Bratislava, loves cars and currently works at a BMW garage. Later in his career, Jakub would actually like to design cars, but for the time being, he’s focused on going to the gym, skateboarding and spending time with his girlfriend. Jakub has already been for some time in a serious relationship and he’s engaged.

We had our first call about half a year ago, but back then he said he wasn’t ready to pose nude. Later on Jakub contacted me out of the blue and said he was willing to give it a try. (This was a very similar situation as with Steven, that he was shy at first, but with time he became more open to the idea.) We met in person, got along really well, and several days later, the photoshoot went very smoothly. Jakub is a very sweet and friendly person, and not to mention, he’s also very photogenic.

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