Steven, 21, has always lived in Bratislava and currently works at a fulfillment center. He’s a very friendly, down-to-earth, straight-talking and trustworthy guy. He’s a bit introverted and tries to hide his subtle shyness with a tough guy facade. In any case, he definitely comes across as a very capable masculine man.

I contacted Steven about half a year earlier, and back then he seemed interested, but wasn’t prepared to bare all. Later on he contacted me out of the blue and said he was definitely ready this time. After meeting up for a beer, I asked Steven about his feelings leading up to the photoshoot and he said that he wasn’t worried at all, but that he would probably feel a bit strange at first, having never done the sort of thing before. It was definitely worthwhile meeting up with Steven prior to the photoshoot. He made a really great impression and we felt very comfortable friendly towards one another by the time I pulled out the camera.

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