Dominik T

Dominik, 18, is a 2 meter (6’7″) tall high school student from western Slovakia. He loves cars, electronics and technology in general, and although he said that he still hasn’t figured out his exact career path, he’d like to study and work abroad after he graduates from high school.

When Andrey sent me Dominik’s pics out of the blue, I was instantly sold. There was also something very comforting when I had my first call with Dominik and we ended up being glued to the phone for two hours. A few days later, when we met in person in Bratislava for the first time, we spent the whole afternoon drinking beer and we both got pretty drunk.

During the photoshoot, I felt like I was photographing someone I was close to and had known for a long time, and we’ve already planned a get-together in Dominik and Andrey’s hometown.

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