Andrey, 21, works as a network hardware technician and lives in a town near Bratislava. Among his many interests, he loves cycling and hiking with friends and he’s also very enthusiastic about cars and motorcycles. Andrey also dabbles in calisthenics, which is how I first got word of him through one of my earlier models.

It was just at the start of the pandemic that we first met in person. We went for a walk, wearing our face masks and talked about our lives and doing a potential photoshoot. At some point, Andrey asked, “Have you ever photographed a totally naked guy?” To which I replied “Yes, that’s what I do all the time.” I was surprised and a bit amused by his question. I thought he would have known, given that I explained the kind of photography I do on a call earlier. But some people interpret and visualize “male nudes” in different ways and It wasn’t the first time I needed to clarify.

Luckily, towards the end of our walk, Andrey said, “I’ll do it. I’ve decided”. He added that he makes up his mind quickly and that he doesn’t procrastinate or change his mind later. He said it helps him explore new things and move forward.

Andrey was true to his word.

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