A Beautiful Young Man

Finding new models during the COVID-19 times has been a bit of a challenge, but I think I found a real treasure!

Meed Leo, an 18-year-old highschooler and parkour athlete from western Slovakia.

My favorite way of recruiting models is by casually meeting them in person while I’m out with friends or at a social event. My very first group of Bodytorium models were friends or friends of friends. Later I used a classified ad which brought me someone interesting from time to time, but usually I didn’t get replies from the kind of guys I was looking for, even though I worded the ad very carefully. Some of my models also referred their friends. My last resort is contacting guys through social media. I’m really not a social media butterfly nor very chit-chatty so I kind of have to force myself to do it.

Because of the pandemic, I’ve lost some time in being able to make new friends and meet people face-to-face. But lately I have really doubled down on recruitment and I am using all possible means. I do it very tactfully of course (never in a forceful or manipulative manner.) My models are “The Unexploited”.

I’m regularly visiting outdoor gyms, skate parks, pubs, bars and clubs, or any event or place where clusters of young men hang out. Social media is still a part of the equation and Leo is a lucky find. He was very friendly right from the start, and when he sent me some underwear photos I was really blown away.

When Leo asked me if I had any preference in underwear, I asked him to bring the Star Wars ones he wore in one of the photos he sent me. My last message to him before we met was “May the force be with you.” He thought that was really funny, and later I found out he had the sentence tattooed on his arm. I never thought Star Wars would be a theme in my photography one day. I am a big fan of male nudes. And Star Wars. 😀

Leo will make his first appearance on Bodytorium on Friday July 3, 2020.



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  1. Henri K

    Clearly The Force has been with you since all the gorgeous boys have kept coming week after week.
    Leo seems nice add, but I’m more glad to see Jan again.

  2. ginette

    mhh if u have problem to find new model i am here for that

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