Gabo (Gabriel), 22, is from Bratislava, and we connected through a mutual friend I had previously photographed. Describing himself as stubborn, focused, kind, helpful, crazy, and sometimes maybe a bit too confident, Gabriel has a vibrant personality. When we met in person, he made an excellent impression. He was very easy to get along with and came across as a real professional. Gabriel stands at 170cm tall (5’7″) and weighs 73kg (161 lbs).

Most of the time I don’t photograph guys with prior modelling experience, but sometimes I make exceptions, especially when someone seems genuine and charming, just like Gabriel. He’s a model, does webcams, and has also been a tattooist for over 5 years. His hobbies include boxing, hitting the gym, partying, spending time with friends, and traveling. Gabriel played (European) football for 16 years, which he also played professionally, but now focuses on boxing, his favorite sport. Traveling and enjoying life are his biggest interests. If he had unlimited money, he’d invest in real estate first, then travel around the world.

Aside from some rare and unexpected equipment issues, Photographing Gabriel went very smoothly. He was incredibly photogenic, super comfortable, and collaborative. His attitude was very much “you ask for it, I’ll do it.” Gabriel’s positive attitude, sex appeal, authenticity and willingness made the photoshoot an exciting experience.

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