Gavin, 19, lives in the countryside just north of Bratislava and is in his final year at an international high school. The school’s unique setup mixes students from different countries, offering a rich variety of subjects and cultures. Gavin himself went on an internship in Denmark earlier on and intends to relocate to Copenhagen for further studies later this year.

We met through a mutual friend a month ago and decided to catch up at a pub. Gavin was aware of my interest in photography, though unsure of the specific type. Fortunately, we clicked instantly and delved into deep conversations about life and everything in between. While initially hesitant about being photographed nude himself, Gavin eventually embraced it as a mental challenge. Rationally, he believed there was nothing wrong with it, he was just uncertain how he would feel.

Gavin is a personable, introspective, and skilled individual. He has a passion for art and music, proficient in various instruments like the guitar, piano, and recently, the djembe. An outdoor enthusiast, he enjoys camping and hiking adventures, along with caring for animals at home, such as a German Shepherd, chickens, and a fish pond.

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