Eighteen-year-old Joey, who is six feet tall, is from Poprad in the Tatra mountain region, which was the backdrop for last year’s Winter Cottage shoot. Throughout most of his high school years, he was really into basketball but chose to take a break this year to concentrate on his studies. In line with this, he also paused his bartending job at a popular local pub. Once he completes his education, he plans to return to bartending and wants to build a career in hospitality services, a field he is passionate about. He also has many other passions and an interesting life story. He started ice bathing with his mom when he was a kid; his favorite place in the world is Valencia, Spain; he had many exotic pets, including tarantulas and a python named Kuko.

We first chatted back in winter 2023, but had to wait till he was 18 in the fall to meet up. Joey left a strong impression during our first call. He was intelligent, mature, and incredibly open-minded, to a degree that seemed almost too good to be true. When I reached out to him in the fall, he was just as remarkable. Impulsively, I drove to Poprad that very day so we could meet face-to-face. We ended up talking for hours and having a few beers, and somehow, we pulled off our first photoshoot the next day. We didn’t set out to shoot nudes, but it happened spontaneously. We were just really comfortable with each other. It took a bit for Joey to get some time to come over to Bratislava for the next round of photos, but we finally got it done recently.

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