Vigo, 20, originally from Bratislava, is a professional hockey player (goalkeeper) in Sweden. He got into hockey with the support of his cousin in his early teens and has been living away from home (because of hockey) since he was 14. He trained and played in Austria and Latvia before joining the team in Sweden. Although Vigo’s family is physically distant, living in different parts of Europe, he has a very close, loving and supportive relationship with his family. Vigo also turned out to be a very kind, caring and determined young man. His charm and friendliness are almost shockingly exceptional.

We were introduced by Alys’ (my assistant’s) girl-friend. I heard stories earlier about some great hockey player guy with sexy legs and was very pleased when Alys mentioned that Vigo would be very open to posing nude. I called Vigo while he was still in Sweden but planned the photoshoot during his Christmas holiday visit to Bratislava. It was a bit of a tight schedule. There were only a couple of overlapping days between me arriving from Canada and him leaving back to Sweden. But Vigo is a very reliable guy, he means what he says, and when we finally met in person, I felt very close and comfortable with him, like we had already known each other for much longer.

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