Logan, 18, lives in Bratislava and studies hotel management. While coming across as a very sweet guy, Logan said that one of his shortcomings is his indecisiveness, and that he’s still figuring out what he wants to do or study afterwards. He’s a former hockey player and swimmer, and said he’s interested in finance and investing. But for now, he’s mostly sticking to his studies, hanging out with friends and dreaming of typical teenage things like cars and adventures in big cities.

It must have taken at least half a year to get to this point (to doing the photoshoot). It started off with occasional chats back-and-forth, but things finally sped up after we met in person. Meeting people face-to-face really makes a big difference. “The less we’re strangers to one another, the more comfortable we’ll both feel during the photoshoot,” is what I often say to potential models. Undressing at front of someone unfamiliar is definitely more awkward than undressing in front of a doctor or going to a job interview. At least for most people in this day and age.

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