Teo, 22, studies Business and IT Management in Brno, Czechia. Originally from eastern Slovakia, he also regularly visits family members who live in Bratislava. Teo comes across as a well-balanced young man, possessing a clear career path and a strong focus on his studies, yet he still carves out time for hobbies, side hustles, and sports. Sometimes his perspectives seem a tad logical, simplistic, and rigid (perhaps to overcome indecision and stay committed to his goals), but a part of him remains deeply curious and receptive to new insights and others’ opinions. We had several phone calls that unintentionally veered into philosophical and intellectual discussions, stimulating enough to give one a “brain-on”. His open and positive attitude towards nudity also seemed too good to be true.

Our photoshoot was much more improvised than I’m accustomed to. I somehow overlooked my earlier suggestion that when we finally met in person in Bratislava, we would proceed with the photoshoot immediately after, assuming our meeting went well. So, towards the end of our meet-up, when Teo reminded me that he came prepared for the photoshoot, I found myself a bit caught off guard but chose to roll with it. There sat this incredibly attractive “masculine pretty boy”, and I had neither reason nor inclination to delay. Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them.

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