Liam, 18, is from from southern Slovakia and works as a car mechanic. With a passion for cars, he really enjoys his job and leads a straightforward life. Outside work, he spends time with his family, grabs a beer with friends, goes on road trips, and often plays soccer. Throughout high school, Liam also dabbled in various sports like volleyball, floorball, handball, and athletics, but soccer remains his favourite. Liam has calm and very masculine presence, he is genuinely friendly, sincere and voices his thoughts openly.

We crossed paths at a restaurant, introduced by a mutual friend. Liam was already aware of the kind of photography I do before we met, and he didn’t need much explaining or encouraging before expressing his interest. It actually came up very spontaneously. We seemed to get along really well from the beginning and the photoshoot felt very comfortable. He’s a very likeable guy and I look forward to going out for a beer with him.

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