Gabo (Gabe or Gabriel) is an eighteen-year-old high school student from Bratislava. He has a variety of interests: he plays the guitar and the flute, and he’s still undecided on whether to pursue engineering or IT/programming at the university level. He’s also considering becoming a fitness instructor as he regularly goes to the gym. Gabo loves going on road trips and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, especially exploring France and the northern countries.

We met at a restaurant in Bratislava next to the Danube river and had many long discussions about hobbies, careers, and life in general. He’s a very sweet, polite, and seemingly humble young man, though he certainly doesn’t lack confidence. During our photoshoot, I complimented how great Gabo looked while wearing red Nike compression shorts and jokingly said, “If you walk into a bar wearing those, you’ll definitely not walk out alone.” To which Gabo smugly replied, “I never leave a bar alone.”

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