Ivan D

Ivan is a 22-year-old living in western Slovakia, happily single and embracing life as it comes. From a young age, sports have been a big part of his life. He loved soccer until a knee problem nudged him towards weightlifting, a passion he carries to this day.

When he’s not working out, Ivan loves being outdoors. He’s often seen rollerblading in the summer or hiking the beautiful trails near his town. Professionally, he splits his time between programming CNC tools for steel manufacturing and working as a personal trainer, with hopes of focusing more on training others in the future. His dedication to fitness even led him to compete in the Men’s Physique competition twice, requiring intense training and a strict diet.

Adding a unique twist to his lifestyle, Ivan, along with his friends, occasionally organise male strip shows. He is so laid back and comfortable in his own skin that being photographed nude comes naturally to him

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