Billy, 21, a former soccer and futsal player, is from a village just slightly to the east of Bratislava. He recently moved in with his girlfriend and is trying to figure out what would be a meaningful career for him. Billy said that for now he’s just “trying out everything.”

Billy was referred to me by his best friend who declined to do a photoshoot several months earlier. I thought Billy looked quite good from the body / headshots he sent me, and he seemed like a nice and reliable guy from our chats. But that did not prepare me for the “shock” when I actually met him in person. While we sat across from each other at a café, it gradually dawned on me that I was witnessing a real treasure. He had the most charming presence and adorable, seductive glances. On our way out, I asked Billy if people mention that he looks like someone famous. And with a very sweet and slightly embarrassed smile, he said yes.

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