James, 21, is from Poprad, a city in north-eastern Slovakia at the foot of the High Tatra mountains. He played and trained in soccer, martial arts and street workout, and he’s planning to train in kickboxing in the near future. James also has a wide range of career interests ranging from architecture, interior design, and graphics to psychology and finance.

While James described himself as being very extroverted and social, I had the feeling that he was also a bit shy or at the very least cautious when it came to posing for my photography. We had several calls to discuss how it would all potentially unfold, and in the end he decided to meet with me in Bratislava with “no strings attached”. I told him that we could just sit down for a coffee and that it would be up to him (assuming everything also checked out from my side) to decide whether we’d do a photo session or not.

After finally meeting in person, James seemed to quickly gain my trust, and fortunately we went ahead with the photoshoot.

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