Erik B

Erik, 19, lives and studies in Bratislava, and he trains in competitive gymnastics. He’s also a part-time gymnastics coach. He travels a fair bit to compete throughout Europe, and he also likes to visit friends who are mostly in Germany and Switzerland.

We met among a group of mutual friends at an outdoor gym about a year ago. Erik came across as a bad boy who seemed to not trust people and mostly kept to himself. We’ve occasionally seen each other at birthday parties and other events within the street workout community, but over time, we seemed to have lost touch. Erik kind of comes and goes.

Later on, out of the blue, one of my friends who dabbles in gymnastics said “I’ve got a model for you!”. I asked, “Is his name Erik?” And this lead to Erik and I reconnecting again and eventually (although I had doubts about whether it would ever happen) doing a photoshoot.

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