Arian, 19, is from Kosice, a city in Eastern Slovakia. He’s in his last year of high school and plans to continue his studies in IT (in Brno, Czechia) or in physical education (in Bratislava). On top of what are very different career directions, he also plays the violin and enjoys drawing caricatures. In terms of sports, Arian played baseball (not a common sport in Slovakia at all), he was a gymnast and also a swimmer. Nowadays, in his free time, Arian focuses mainly on street workout / calisthenics.

While we have some friends in common in Kosice, my initial contact with Arian was through Instagram. He came across as being very laid back and reassured me that he would be comfortable with posing nude. The only thing we contemplated was whether to postpone the photoshoot as he was growing his hair, which he described as bing in the “in between stage”, neither short nor long. From experience, I know that waiting for the “perfect moment” is very risky, and in the end we decided to not wait and just go for it.

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