Recently turned eighteen boxing and soccer sportsman, Ivo, is from a town about an hour South-East of Bratislava. He put off school for a year in order to focus on work and save up some money. Ivo is also quite good at track and field sports (especially sprints and hurdles) and was offered a scholarship in Slovenia (the country so often confused with Slovakia) but said he was too into his girlfriend at the time to make the move. After a three-year relationship, he’s now single, and said “I’m young and need to enjoy life.”

Ivo is a very friendly and sincere guy and he felt more comfortable to do the photoshoot with his cousin, Ron. He said “We grew up together, we have the same interests and we do everything together.” So I got a two-in-one photoshoot, which in the end we had to break up into two days (a week apart) as the photoshoot was a lot of fun but also very crazy and chaotic. We managed to record a lot of bonus material with these crazy (in a very fun way) friends. I hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming posts of this duo.

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