Markus, 23, is from a small town north of Bratislava and studies economics. He said that he “lives and breathes sports” and he was a sprinter, although nowadays he mainly sticks to swimming and cycling. Markus has been all over Europe, mainly in Russia, Turkey, Croatia and Slovenia. The next country he would like to visit is Spain.

Occasionally I travel to meet up with the models (instead of the other way around) and I paid Markus a visit in his hometown about a week before the photoshoot. During the pandemic lockdowns it was as if I was looking for any excuse to get out of the home office. All “non-essential” businesses were closed at the time but luckily Markus has a friend who owns a coffee shop so we were able to sneak inside for a bit.

Markus is a very friendly and extroverted guy. He said he loves being naked, gets naked whenever he can and doesn’t get why people have qualms about nudity. For me it was nice to photograph someone who wasn’t a “a slightly uncertain first-timer” for a change.

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