Martin M

Martin, 25, is an IT grad from central Slovakia. He played football (soccer) when he was a bit younger, but like many of the guys photographed here, he got injured, ended up having a knee surgery and had to take a break from the sport. He’s now playing for a smaller football league. Martin enjoys traveling around Europe and he’s also had summer jobs doing construction work in Sweden. He’s currently looking for full-time work in the IT field but when he has some free time again he said he’d love to visit New Zealand.

Martin was the first guy I photographed who was suggested by one of my long-time subscribers with whom I occasionally meet in Bratislava. Martin showed up at my doorstep just a few days after I contacted him and he was very easygoing and friendly considering it was the first time we had met in person. The photoshoot was unfortunately a bit rushed because of a train delay and we ran out of daylight a lot quicker than I had planned. I spent most of the time tinkering with lights, trying to avoid too many unpleasant reflections in an apartment completely enclosed in large windows. In any case, we managed and had fun improvising in the short bit of time that we had.

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