Jake, 19, is a college freshman from the Tatra mountain region of Slovakia. He’s the only guy who’s ever sent me fully nude “casting photos” through a mutual friend and let’s just say the photos were quite enticing.

Jake traveled a pretty long way just so that we could meet in person prior to the photoshoot. He said he really didn’t mind the travel, that the trains are practically free for students in Slovakia and he used the time in the train to get ahead with his school work.

Some of the photoshoot took place in a loft I rented through AirBnb in the “Old Town” area of Bratislava. It was a very photogenic location, although a bit challenging for me (at the time) to light evenly. Jake was very pleasant to work with though. He was super friendly, dependable and openminded, and although I had only met him for the second time, I felt as though I had already known him for a long time.

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