Hugo, 19, works in construction in a small town near Bratislava, doing mainly rooftop repairs. He’s very boyish and bad boy masculine on the surface, he doesn’t smile a lot except when he’s joking around, but he gets friendly once he gets over his stand-offish mode and lets his guard down. Hugo is into calisthenics / street workout and said he loves the summer because he enjoys walking around with his shirt off.

I met Hugo at his home town while he was among a flock of girls. It felt a bit awkward in the beginning and I wasn’t sure what to make of the dynamics within the group and how the situation would develop. But eventually the two of walked around for a bit and later drove around the countryside together.

Hugo was clearly interested in doing the photoshoot, although sometimes I felt he did it in a bit of a chore-like manner.  But overall, I think we both had a fun time and Hugo definitely had a very unique, perhaps once in a lifetime experience.

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