Joel, 22, is a football (soccer) player and a student at a sports college in Bratislava. Earlier this year, Joel tore a ligament in his knee, and although he’s recovering and will be able to play football again soon, he’ll likely not be able to play professionally. Joel is a laid back, social and very friendly guy. He’s also refreshingly sincere. What you see is really what you get.

When I first contacted Joel, he said “I’m interested, but I’ll need to check with my girlfriend and I’ll get back to you.” Luckily he got back to me a couple of days later and everything that followed was just “smooth sailing”. He’s just a nice, charming and reliable person. There was one comical misunderstanding between us though: I asked him to let his hair grow in and somehow he thought I meant his facial hair. In Slovakian there is no commonly used word for “pubes”, so I’ll need to be a bit more specific next time.

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