Tobi, 18, is from central Slovakia and is graduating from a high school that specializes in medicine. On first impression, and also in his social media persona, Tobi comes across as a bad boy dropout, but interestingly he doesn’t come across that way at all once you get to know him a bit. I also think that he doesn’t come across that way at all in my photographs.

It took a couple of months for us to finally agree on a photoshoot date. When we first talked on the phone, he seemed convincingly interested, but then he didn’t follow up. We wrote back and forth for some time and I was frustrated and almost gave up. The weather was unusually cool and rainy throughout April and May, and Tobi just came across as completely unreliable. After we finally met, he admitted that he was actually feeling uncomfortable and hesitant and that he actually had to “build up the guts” to do the photoshoot. But I am really glad that I kept patient and that everything worked out in the end. After wrapping up, we had a relaxing chat on the balcony, and Tobi asked “When can we do it again?”

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