Viliam, 18, is a high school student at a town near Bratislava. He studies mostly IT, he’s good at mathematics but he’s definitely not just cerebral — he plays soccer, he’s into just about any kind of sport and he loves traditional folk dance. He’s also very sexually experienced and shared many of his jaw-dropping stories. Basically he’s been a routine “cougar pleaser” since he was 15. On top of that he said “I’ve tried pretty much everything.” Viliam probably has the broadest range of interests and hobbies of any guy I’ve met.

We got together in person for the first time at his home town, and I was actually really glad to get our of Bratislava for a change since I haven’t traveled anywhere during the seemingly never-ending COVID lockdown. I thought we would see each other for about an hour but it turned out we spent the rest of the day together and even found an interesting new spot for a photoshoot: an abandoned psychiatric hospital.

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