Adam, 19, is in his last year of high school and lives (at least for the most part) in Bratislava. His parents and the rest of his family are scattered all over Europe. He is very sporty, he plays basketball and he also works out at the gym, although not as often as he would like. Understandably, gyms have been closed for a big part of the year.

We were introduced by Damian, who I had met a couple of months earlier. Damian occasionally sent me pictures of friends he thought might be suitable for Bodytorium. But all of them were the beefcake type and most of them didn’t really spark my interest. Then one day, out of the blue, Damian sent me a few shots of Adam, and that definitely got my attention. I wasted not time, and neither did Adam. We met in person right away and did our first photoshoot a couple of days afterwards.

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