Mateo, 19, studies graphics design at a boarding school in western Slovakia and is mainly interested in becoming a digital content creator. He also trains in street workout and he became aware of Bodytorium through mutual friends who also posed nude for the site.

I picked up Mateo at the train station in Bratislava and we drove to one of my favorite recently discovered spots in the country. For some parts of the photoshoot we wondered a bit deeper into the forest and were really surprised (and even a bit worried) to hear all sorts of bizarre animal sounds, ranging from what might have been ravens to bears or wild boars. Luckily the noises were all that happened and nothing actually crawled out from the bushes.

Otherwise Mateo was very comfortable posing nude. Sometimes he seemed a bit distracted or hyperactive, but when I started looking through all the photographs, I was happy to see a variety of facial expressions.

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