Michal K

Michal, 25, is from eastern Slovakia and spends mosts days at the gym, either coaching his clients or working on his own body. During the spring and summer he also competes in the various street workout and parkour events across Slovakia, for example “King of the North” and “Born to Trick”. Besides being a physically active guy, Michal is very down-to-earth and “uncomplicated”. He likes to go see a good movie or enjoy a good meal. His favorite meal are crêpes and he admitted that he has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Michal was referred for the photoshoot by his friend Samuel S. After photographing a bunch of 18 year olds I decided it was time to show an “extra masculine” man in his mid-twenties. I think Michal fits the bill.

While Michal often looks serious—like he means business—he’s also very friendly and it doesn’t take long to make him laugh or to get him to smile.

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