Henri, 18, is a freerunner / parkour athlete and he’s in his last year of high school. We met at a gymnastics event a couple of years ago, although we haven’t seen each other in person until the photo shoot. I’ve only occasionally seen Henri’s pictures on Facebook and Instagram. I hesitated contacting him at first but I figured he’d be 18 by now and decided it was worth a shot. He wrote back right away that he’d definitely be interested and after a quick call we planned a photo shoot within a couple of days.

I picked up Henri at the main train station in Bratislava and then we drove to the country where we found an interesting looking stretch of grass fields and forest. We started with a bit of a “warm up” – with Henri just walking around, posing and gradually getting undressed. Henri was a bit shy at first. When he finally got completely naked he asked, “Will there be a lot of these?”

Eventually Henri got used to the routine of getting in and out of his clothes for different scenes and everything seemed to go smoothly except when we got hit by a sudden thunderstorm and had to cut the photo shoot a bit early. By the time we got back to the car we were completely soaked. I cranked up the heat and we drove to my place for part two of the photo shoot.

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