Dominik, 19, was a professional soccer player and played for the national team in Bratislava. Like most sportsmen, he was high on endorphins and he shone with confidence. He appeared composed, level-headed and very comfortable in his skin.

It was love at first sight when he appeared at my doorstep alongside a mutual friend who brought him along for dinner. He was very friendly and approachable, and the whole evening he seduced me with his sexy, mischievous smile. He was truly one of those “bad boys” I often adored but didn’t often get a chance to get very close to.

Dominik will always be a special guy for me. He was “my first”—the first guy I photographed for Bodytorium. I only had a bit of prior experience with photographing male nudes. They were rare one-offs and experiments with friends. But this time, with Dominik, it was “serious business.” He signed a contract, we shook hands, and I paid him money. Thanks to Dominik’s openness, positive attitude, and natural posing talent, I really felt like the website was off to a great start.

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