Wes, a 19-year-old from the mountainous eastern region of Slovakia, attends a bilingual technical school with a focus on engineering and robotics. He plans to pursue his studies at a university in Vienna next year. Previously, Wes trained in archery, street workout, and ski jumping. Unfortunately he had a serious ski jumping accident in which he broke both legs. He fully recovered but was left with significant scars. Now, Wes concentrates solely on street workout and going to the gym.

He was introduced to me through a referral from a former model. From the outset, Wes was very friendly and dependable. We organized the photoshoot quickly, and the whole process went very smoothly. I really enjoyed his company and learning about him. Wes is an intelligent and charming young man who quickly adapted to the new experience of the photoshoot, even though it was far removed from anything he thought he would ever experience.

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