Beni, 23, is a fitness coach from western Slovakia and had recently moved to live with his girl-friend in Prague. We met towards the end of the summer, about a half a year prior to the photoshoot, and lost contact for some time. Later Beni contacted me and said he had some personal things he needed to take care of, that things are back to normal, and that he would like to give the photoshoot a try. He came across to me as a genuinely nice person and I was also willing to go ahead.

In the not too distant past, Beni was a waiter and he also hosted some male strip shows, although I’m not sure to what extent he got involved. Based on what he described, my guess is that he walked around shirtless with a bow tie at some night clubs, but did not strip all the way himself. Nevertheless, I think he was curious and open to pushing things a bit farther with the photoshoot. He did mention that posing fully naked was something new for him.

Beni felt very comfortable during the photoshoot, and as we wrapped, up he thanked me for the experience and said that he was surprised by how much he really enjoyed it.

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