Enrik, 21, grew up with his foster parents in a small town in southern Slovakia. He didn’t reveal much about his upbringing, but he mentioned that he learned to be independent and fend for him self from a very young age. At 18, Enrik moved to Bratislava and worked in various jobs in hospitality, food retail, as well as some modelling and theater acting work. He said, “I’ve tried everything, but mostly I enjoy working with people.”

My assistant, Alys, noticed Enrik while we were walking through a mall. Alys asked, “What do you think of that guy?” “He looks good. Go talk to him,” I replied. Alys came back a minute later and said he had his contact, and that he’d have no problem posing nude. A week later, Enrik turned up for the photoshoot. Normally things don’t happen this quickly and smoothly. This was quite a lucky coincidence, at least from my experience.

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