Exhibit, Print Sale, Video #3…

Pictured above: Patrik and Samuel S join me to promote Bodytorium at a local club in Bratislava.

Last weekend Patrik came to visit me in Bratislava and joined Samuel S and I to promote Bodytorium.

Patrik looking super cute at my condo before we headed out to the club.

Picture Exhibit in Bratislava

12 of my photographs are currently on display at a local pub, Teplaren Cafe, in Bratislava until mid-October.

Prints for Sale

I am looking into options to enable the sale of prints. I will most likely just start with a small selection and use a third party service like SmugMug. I hope it will be a smooth and automated process and provide the usual options (various formats and sizes) and allow for international shipping. Hopefully you’ll see a “Buy Prints” option on the top menu bar soon. If you have any tips, let me know in the contacts or send me an email (via the contact button on the menu.)

Video #3 Featuring Samuel

As promised, I will be posting a new video every couple of weeks. This time the video features Samuel S from our recent photo shoot. It shows Samuel completely naked, so it’s restricted to Premium members only. The video is slightly less than 2 minutes long but I think you’ll get a good sense of how the photo shoot went and a good look at Samuel. Let me know what you think of the video in the comments.

A New Look

I used Henri’s most recent update to try a new, slightly more modern and lighter page design. I hope you like the new look and I will gradually update the rest of the site so the look is consistent. I’ve been procrastinating for some time whether to have a dark or a light look. The dark look is more dramatic and looks elegant especially with black and white photos, but it also looks a bit dated and like “a secret dark ally, where people hide.” I think the light look feels more open, fresh and professional. Any thoughts?

Picture of Phil


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  1. Antonio Lizano

    Sup bud? I love your website and your work. Just a question that came to my mind, have you ever caught a funky smell on some of the guys? I ask because they are so exposed feet, butt, even dick LOL
    thanks and keep it up

  2. GreggSib


  3. europapaprika

    wow Phillips i love so much your new photoosting with Mathias make gym, very instrutional, please more video-photos of your models make gym, yoga, boxing, fit i love that and are good for fat girls like me we iunderstand to made exercise in house.

  4. Henri K

    Great work, Phil! It’s good to see you having a real exhibition.
    The whole Bodytorium concept is just so unique. This is a good place to enjoy the natural beauty of the male form.
    I really love the new Samuel S photoshoots, they are amazing. The guy is gorgeous and the shooting locations are really beautiful. But now that he’s been outdoors so much, I hope you bathed him well, too.

    1. Phil

      Hi Henri, thank you for your kind feedback. You seem to have noticed a pattern ?. Although when I met up with Sam last month to discuss doing another photo shoot, he said he only wanted to do the outdoor stuff and no interiors. I can probably talk him into doing a shower scene some time on the future though. ?

  5. europapaprika

    i love the new photosooting indoor with Henri, i love especially because this time the model wear very different kind of underwear. Can your models wear long socks too?

    1. Phil

      Hi, glad you like Henri’s indoor set ? and thanks for your tips. I’ll email you regarding the socks and underwear. ?

  6. Anonymous

    yes i appreciate the making off videos are so funny

    1. Phil

      I hope they’re sexy too, not just funny. ? But yes I try to bring out the funny situations in nakedness. I’m all for erotic comedy. ?

  7. jopedropina

    first congratulations for having an exhibition.
    The new look of the website is awsome 🙂 the light background is more sophisticated.
    The videos are super cool and maked the website more interactive to the users. It also allows us to better see how the photo shoots works…keep doing that.

    Will Patrick be back for another session? I hope so. I loved seeing him with you at the exhibition.

    Excellent work 😉

    1. Phil

      Thank you for your kind message. ? I’m pretty certain that Patrik will be back for another session. He’s my favorite guy. ?

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